Sure bets

SureBets – they do exist!

surebet guideIt’s true, it sounds a little unreal but there is such a thing as “sure bets”. a non-risky bet that no matter what the end result is, you always make a profit!

All over the world people are gambling, sometimes winning and sometimes losing, and there is another kind: there are people who are always winning!
Perhaps you have encountered the terms “Sure bet”, “arbitrage betting”, “arb bets”, “safe bets” or even “sure wins” – they all have the same meaning.

The word arbitrage is taken from the stock market, and arbitrage gaps are rate gaps (for example, the rate gaps of a share that is traded both in the UK and in the US market).
Some people use this gap in order to make profits. we call it “sure bet”, and this is exactly what I will show you here, but instead of stocks, I will talk about bets, sure bets!

How is that possible?

In general, in betting companies, where “the house always wins” – the companies always leave at least 10% profit, no matter how and on what you bet. (you can take an example from a bets site and check this in our winning table)

In many countries, bets are considered legal and the more companies and Internet websites there are that compete with each other, the bigger our chance to make a profit.
I hope you understand that no betting site gives you the option to bet on the three possible game outcomes: win for the home team / draw/win for the away team, and make a profit.
Because every betting company wants to present the best odds in order to attract gamblers, we get situations where we can bet on the same game on three different websites, and no matter what the result is, we can always win. we call it Sure Bets!

Why your are reading it?

In this guide, I intend to show you how this, sure bet deal, works.
I will describe the first steps to get started, tips on how to make the right decisions, where and how to find sure bets, where not to bet, and most importantly, where to bet.

Sure bets are literally Sure bets, no matter what the results are, you will always make a profit.
Doesn’t that make sense? You will soon understand how it works:
Let’s take for example a game from my “Premier League”:

The Math:

Team A vs. Team B: 2.3 – 3.7 – 4.2
Suppose I want to bet on all three results, each of them with a different amount.

since the odds are different, in order that each bet would give me the same profit:

  • First I will bet on a win for Team A. I will invest $1,000 and could win $2,300 in Team A wins (2.3*1,000).
  • My second bet will be on a draw. in order to (also) make it possible to win $2,300 I will bet on only $622 (2300/3.7).
  • My third bet will be for a win for Team B which means I will bet on no more than $548 so that I could win the same amount, $2,300 (2300/4.2).
    Obviously, each bet is done on a different website.

Now I can be sure that no matter what the result is, I will win $2,300.

That is because one result wins and the others lose. Let’s see how much I invested: $2,170 = 1000+622+548. This is a sure bet!
In this case, I won $130 with absolutely no risk! Does your bank give you a return of 6.1% a day?!?!

With the bonuses and “free bets” the betting companies provide for the first deposit, you can easily reach profits of 20-150%!!!
Remember: the more you invest the more profit you make!

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